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all the vegan pop-ups in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has more than 20 all-vegan restaurants. Then, add in the hundreds of restaurants in Las Vegas that are vegan-friendly. Plus, there are vegan pop-ups in Las Vegas to remind us of how dynamic the vegan dining scene is.

With the pandemic, more vegan pop-ups in Las Vegas have popped-up. There are two ways pop-ups happen in Las Vegas. First, they literally pop-up in places like farmers markets and special events. Or, they rent shared kitchen space and prepare the food and sell it there with a specific day for customers to pick-up their food.

Because vegan pop-ups in Las Vegas are constantly changing, we’ve created this running list for you to drool over while you figure out your next meal.

Stay tuned! We’ve also got a guide to vegan meal prep/deliveries in Las Vegas and a guide to vegan bakeries.

Down 2 Earth Plant-Based Cuisine

Down 2 Earth is a Black-owned comfort food pop-up offering pizzas, sandwiches, burritos, brunch and sweets. Order for pick-up Fri. – Sat. noon – 8 p.m. inside Slice Kitchen (6235 S. Pecos Rd., Suite 106). 

Erb’s Vegan Kitchen

Erb’s Vegan Kitchen serves non-GMO, organic vegan comfort food at the farmers markets across town. They also offer meal prep and personal chef services. Bonus: all meats, cheeses and sauces are housemade.

Gym Talk

Gym Talk is a vegan meal prep business serving Las Vegas. For more information on vegan dining and meal prep in Las Vegas, visit

The Black, women-owned vegan pop-up focuses on comfort food. From vegan shrimp skewers to chocolate dipped pistachio cookies to creamy mac and cheese, you can find it all at Gym Talk. They pop up on Saturdays at Public Works in Henderson, as well as farmers markets across the Valley.

La Casa Vegana

Grab tacos, burritos, tortas and quesabirrias and more from La Casa Vegana. The vegan pop-up hits numerous Las Vegas farmers markets, including Bruce Trent and fresh 52.


Paradise City Creamery

This adult-themed plant-based ice cream pop-up has won the town over. With a focus on elevating voices of sex workers, head creamstress Val Stunning has brought vegan ice cream to the masses. Try flavors like Flannel and Foreplay with rosemary cream, salted maple caramel, and oak-smoked fleur de sel. The menu rotates seasonally. Order Paradise City Creamery online and pick-up at Garagiste in the Arts District Saturdays – Sundays from 2 – 5 p.m. Or, just head over and grab a vegan cone or handie.

Phyto’s Vegan Eats

Phyto's Vegan Eats is Las Vegas's first all-vegan hot dog cart. For more information on vegan dining and life in Las Vegas, visit

Phyto’s is the only all-vegan hot dog cart in Las Vegas. The stand nabbed Best Hot Dog thanks to their Crispy Cowboy dog from PETA. Offering a rotating menu of specials, plus core hot dogs, you can find them at events around town and at the Vegas Test Kitchen soon.

Roll the Veg

Another vegan Filipino pop-up in Las Vegas, Roll the Veg makes most of their products in house, including cheese and some of their plant-based meats. They offer dishes like lumpia, sisig, dinuguan, kare-kare and more. Pick-up every Wednesday at Slice Kitchen, 6325 S. Pecos Rd., Suite 106.


The newest pop-up to join the vegan pop-ups in Las Vegas is Starseeds. This vegan mobile market offers fresh, homemade sandwiches, bowls and more. Find them behind Tommy Rocker’s at Flaming and Dean Martin every Tuesday and Thursday, 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. Or, order their eats online for Friday and Saturday deliveries.

Vintage Vegan Diner

Vintage Vegan Diner is a vegan comfort food ghost kitchen in Las Vegas. You can order vegan food and have it delivered to Centennial Hills and all over Las Vegas. For more vegan dining, visit

Vintage Vegan Diner makes some serious comfort food like sliders stuffed with homemade vegan meat and cheese, plus tofu chicken fingers and more. You can get their sliders at Golden Fog Coffee, plus order for curbside pick-up from their kitchen every Saturday. The Black-owned duo are also opening the first vegan vending machine in Las Vegas.

Yaqui Zen Kitchen

Yaqui Zen Kitchen is a farmers market staple. They make Mexican vegan street food. Described as chingona-owned, they also offer plant-based taquiza that comes to you for special events.

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Vegan pop-ups in Las Vegas. For more vegan dining in Las Vegas visit

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